Monday, January 30, 2012

52 Weeks, Healthier YOU and Me: Weeks 2,3,4

As you can see I am playing catch up!  I started late on this journey and I am trying to catch up to the other folks who are doing this challenge on the Skinny Mom's Kitchen Blog.

Over at Skinny Mom's Kitchen, she is hosting a 52 Week series to Healthier Weight Loss Habits.  You can see her tips and tricks page by clicking HERE.   I like and appreciate that each tip/suggestion she gives is one that she is capable of doing herself, as a busy mommy!  

Week 1 Review: So for the first week, I was to keep a food journal.  I am using the free loseit app on my phone.  I have written things down before and I know it works, but I just don't do it.  I have been super successful this last week with that!  My neighbors are doing it as well and we have added each other as 'friends' on the app.  We can write each other notes of encouragement or accountability.  I am very pleased with this week!  It has provided some eye opening experiences.  I have been able to eat the things I want, but in moderation.  That is definitely the key!

Challenges for this week:
These are my challenges this week!  How is your week going?  Got any tips to share?