Friday, December 2, 2011

This week's freebies! I scored well in the FREEBIE category this week!

During the month of November, for every $100 you spend at Kroger you got $10 of holiday cash to spend at Kroger Marketplace during the first few days of December.  I don't shop regularly there, but was able to get $10 free!  They also had a prescription deal going on so I transferred my $5 vitamin prescription and got $25 in free groceries.  The clerk that rang my order was in training and accidently scanned it twice, so I got $50 free.  Because it was his error, I was able to keep that extra $25!  SCORE!  So with $60 free money, sales and coupons I did well this week!  Most of the items I got were actually on closetout, clereance or damaged!

The two sets of dish towels and paper, I used the $10 free money.  Then the glassware was on clearance for $2, I had a $3 off coupon so I made a dollar there.  I got the baggies, gluten free pasta, 3 allergy free cake/frosting mixes, popcorn and hair gel all on the damaged area.  The cake mix, frosting and pie filling I had free coupons from Foodbuzz for the tastemaker program.  There Serra Mists were $1 each and I got them all for free using coupons.  The gluten free Bisquick's were not on sale but I had a .85 cent coupon for each which doubled.  The cling wrap was not on sale and I didn't have a coupon....gasp...I know!  But I used all the free money and paid ZERO for the above!!

Here was another awesome deal that I paid ZERO for by using my prescription free money!  The soy milks were on closeout as well as the allergy free pretzels.  All of them were in date!  The allergy free bread mix was also on closet out and worked great in my bread machine!  The chips and dip were a little treat for me and Papa Veg :)  YUMMO!

I was able to score some great deals this week on allergy free products which are normally quite expensive!  I feel very lucky this week!