Thursday, December 1, 2011

Foodbuzz Tastemaker: Duncan Hines and Comstock

OKay, I am not going to lie, this tastemaker opportunity was right up my alley!  A HUGE thank you for's Tastemaker program and Duncan Hines/Comstock for the freebies to try!  For my yummy cake I selected the classic white mix, with whipped frosting and cherry filling!  I used two round cake pans for my cake.  When they were completely cooled I spread about half of the cherries on top of the cake.  Then I placed the second cake on top of the first one, creating a layered cake.  Next, I used my large size of whipped frosting to cover the entire layered cake!  Awesomeness!  Who knew that something, so simple and easy could be SO yummy!

Thank you sponsors for this opportunity to create!  I will be giving away coupons for FREE Duncan Hines products in the near future!  Keep your eyes posted for that giveaway!!