Friday, November 18, 2011

This week's freebies @ Meijer

The cinnonmon/sugar butter was free with coupon and sale!  Thanks Bev for sharing that one with me!  I found the stovetop sale on a coupon site, however the coupons printed funny and the store was unsure of them.  So if you have .99 cent stovetop coupons that you printed from a bricks site, beware....I am unsure if they are legit.  (I didn't notice until I was handing them to the cashier, I need to look them over better when I print them!) Regardless, the store accepted them and was going to check for future customers whether they were legit or not.  Honestly, its quite hard sometimes when you print from the internet, you kind of have to trust they are good!  I am thankful the store knew I was being honest and that I wasn't trying to scam them. :)  The products will all go to the local food bank!

Meijer redbox machines had a free 1 night movie rental!  Where you able to use the code I posted?  We rented Puss in Boots.  What did you rent?