Friday, November 25, 2011

Gluten Free product: Deboles "mac and cheese"

We are fairly new to the "gluten free" world and we are constantly trying to find replacement GF products for the foods we like.  So I thought it might be fitting to share with you some of our likes and dislikes as we try gluten free products!

I was very eager to try this product.  Honestly, my kids LOVE mac and cheese and its something easy and yummy to have in the pantry when needed!  I like the ease of whipping it up for lunch in a pinch! 

Toddler Veg, who is the one that needs a GF diet, LOVED this!  I can't even begin to explain how much he loved it!  He ate every single bit!  He even goggled up the left overs the next day!  Preschool Veg first refused because the sauce was "white" and not the "yellow" color they are used to.  But I did require him to try it and it a few bites.  After leaving the table he did comment it was 'ok'.  I liked it and would definately eat it again!

1 out of 1 adult liked it!
1 out of 2 kids liked it!