Monday, October 31, 2011

Preschool Learning - Last week IS, E, pumpkins, piano, art class, PHEW!

Preschool Veg has his first official piano lesson.   Here is his sheet from his first day!  Now we just have to get something for him to practice on at home.  Any cost effective suggestions?

We made some pumpkin art.  I was really impressed with how Preschool Veg stayed in the lines and filled in the pumpkin with zero direction from me :)  Toddler Veg did awesome with scribbling, stamps and dotting! 

 We worked on our math and fine motor skills!  I am slowly building activities (quiet, independent ones like these) to put on Preschool Veg's room for his quiet time. He naps about every 2-3 days.  Our napping days will be over soon but we will still have quiet time so younger brother can rest and Preschool Veg can rest his active mind and body!

 More writing practice!
 We played endlessly with cars, trucks and buses this week!

I introduced some addition and Preschool Veg thought he was such big stuff!

 We created another reading area!  The amount of books we have is crazy, so I needed a way to organize them and not have them piled in the storage room (out of reach).  Thank you Target for the cheap clearance art work, and the one sale cube shelf (books) and bins!  SCORE!
 Organized our large space in the basement.  (My husband's game/poker room...pre-kids) We got some new large bins for balls, trains, cars, etc  We lined the toys on the walls so that they could enjoy the space!

 We enjoyed one of the LAST warm days before fall/winter hits!  The sun felt SO good!

We also attend our 4th and last art class.  This week the class played with playdough (do you know its made with wheat?), the sand table, painted pumpkins and made some artwork.  The boys LOVE to get messy and I am glad it wasn't my house! LOL

For this art, they glued the foam pieces on there and the tape was to make a fence.  Toddler Veg was NOT interested as the sand table was calling his name.  :)  Preschool Veg liked this activity but not as much as the painting one!

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