Thursday, September 1, 2011

Back to school shopping - What's your favorite?

So its that time of year again....back to school shopping.  Or as I like to call it, "a great excuse to shop!"  Ha!  But as the boys grow I am constantly looking for new clothes that are super cute, durable and cost effective!  Toddler Veg is now moving into 18-24 months baby clothes and Preschool Veg is in 4T/5T.  Where did the time go? These boys are growing!   

 So I would say that my favorite piece of clothing (and defiantly my favorite back to school piece of clothing) is a graphic tee.  Seriously, my boys wear them all year!  Graphic tees are super cute too!  It gives them a little more "interest" then a plain tee!  Especially Preschool Veg, he loves to sport new designs!  I also love to dress the boys in the same shirt!  It drives my husband nuts, but I think its cute :)  LOL 

So as you are starting or ending your back to school shopping, what have you found that is your 'fav' piece of clothing you have purchased?

I can't wait to hear! :)
~ Veg Mamma