Monday, August 29, 2011

Raising Rock Stars Preschool - Week 1

So in my need to create more work for myself...haha (but yes its more work) I decided that Preschool Veg along with Toddler Veg needed some more "love for learning" time.  So I have found some items online to help supplement their preschool and morning out programs!  Preschool Veg LOVES to do "school work" so I am hoping it will be a success!  I think he really likes the structure of school!  So after two weeks of getting things in line...we started!  We are mostly using the RRSP curriculum and supplementing with other items such as Kumon workbooks, printables from other sites and goodies from my teacher days!  Today we started with the Ll unit, we are also focusing on the number 1, the word SEE, the circle shape and the color yellow!  Below are some pictures!

So here is the "starting" work schedule.  I am not a huge fan but I needed to start somewhere.  He has a card labeled with number which correspond to his white drawers.  So he knows what drawers to do.

 Here he is practicing his scissor skills.  He's cutting about "yellow" paint sample strips. :)

 Some pre-writing skills practice!

A little math pattern work!

Here he is putting his "finished" work into his red bin.

And finally some time at the computer completing the "Ll" powerpoint from RRSP!

I was pretty excited how today went!  Toddler Veg was into everything in an a funky mood as he had a doctor visit today and got a vaccine!  I also think he was a little jealous!  I am working hard to get his stuff up and ready soon!  Preschool Veg asked for more when we were done!  I am trying to give him easier stuff at the beginning to get him into the routine and the flow!

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