Thursday, August 11, 2011

Freezer cooking - corn

So I decided that I'd freeze some corn!  We have a local market that grows their own and picks it fresh each morning.  So the Veg boys and I headed out early Monday morning to get some corn!  5 dozen in all!

Here is my bounty when we got home!  They were such long ears of corn!  I chose bi-color.

Here was my "shucking" area!  I just laid a plastic tablecloth on the floor.  I had planned to shuck it there, but they didn't have any bins out for the waste. 

I had two huge pots boiling.  I boiled the ears for 7 minutes.

Then I put them into cold water for 7 minutes.  You put them in the cold water as long as they are in the boiling water.  By this time my ice had melted.  Because the ears were SO fresh the silk mostly came off in the water when boiled/cooled!

Here are my pretties, waiting to be cut off the cob!  Only one bad ear out of the 5 dozen!

Time for the freezer!  This corn was so good, we needed NO seasoning or butter!  YUMMO!