Friday, August 12, 2011

Finding Beauty in Your Ugly Stroller via Amy's Finer Things

Recently, I found a great website that I have been enjoying daily!  Its  Today she posts about finding beauty in her ugly stroller.  When her 4th baby rolled around they could have easily spent their money on a newer prettier version, but didn't.  So thinking....not just about the ugly stroller in your life...what other things are doable, workable, etc that you can keep and save money on.  I am extremely guilty of always wanting the newer, prettier model, but since I am staying home and we have 1/2 the income, I certainly look at things in a different light.  Its not the 'pretty stroller' that is important, its the kids and making sure we have enough money to buy the things they "need".  Take a look at her post here...tell me what you think!

Let's get thinking!