Thursday, August 25, 2011

Clorox Back to School Pack!

I was extremely excited to be able to take part in the new Back to School Kit, which was courtesy of the Clorox Company.  I was able to participate in this program as part of the DailyBuzz Mom Tastemaker program!  Thank you for the opportunity!

I was very excited to receive a Brita water bottle!  This bottle is light weight and very easy to use!  My near 4 year old LOVED it and begged to use it all day!  My toddler, who is just over a year, drank from it with ease!  The water bottle has traveled with us out into the community and has nicely survived many drops and tug of wars between the boys!  (they love it so much they are already fighting over it) This bottle is durable!  I love that it provides clean water for my family to drink!  I love its portability!

I already knew that the Clorox Disinfecting Wipes works well for my family.  We have a black kitchen table that often shows streaks when cleaned with certain cleaners.  The wipes clean it each time, streak free!

The last product I tested was the Glad Food Storage product!  I was super excited to see the "dressing cup" that easily attaches to the lid.  Its nice to be able to pack a salad for lunch and not have to apply the dressing to it in advance!  Who likes soggy salads, anyway?  The "cup" holds tight to the lid and doesn't leak!  No more soggy salads for us!  I love that these products are freezer and dishwasher safe!  Makes life a little easier for this mamma!