Monday, July 25, 2011

My $4.50 Meijer Trip

I did really well at Meijer today!  Though Meijer only doubles the first two of the same coupon and takes the rest at face value, I am finding better sales at Meijer and lots of coupons on their site to print!

I transferred another prescription today for $10 free in groceries.  As an extra bonus the prescription was 17 at Giant Eagle but 9.30 at Meijer!  Good deal!

So with two transactions, my coupons, sales (including 10 for 10) and my $10 gift card I got:
6 Peter Pan peanut butters
5 Kraft Mac and Cheese
3 Chex mix
4 old orchard frozen pink lemonade
1 edwards pie single
3 bags of pretzels
1 bag of popcorn
1 bag of cheese puffs
2 bottles of Tropicana 50 OJ

I was trying to get another catalina to print by buying the Meijer brand salty snacks but it didn't work.  I would have gone up to the desk but I had problems at the self checkout with coupons, then one receipt didn't print and I had a preschool Veg who had to potty.  With all that I figured 4.50 was a great deal!  LOL