Sunday, July 31, 2011

An Email A Day - Nestle - .50 off coupon

Sorry, I can't get the picture to come up correctly for this post, but I did get 2 - .25 coupons from Nestle for a bag of candy because of the honest feedback email I sent them :)

So I have been following (which is an awesome site, by the way!) and she does a 5 a day program.  She emails companies through their websites and gives them honest feedback on their products.  She puts about 10 minutes in a day and hopes that her opinions will earn her coupons, though she doesn't specifically ask for them.  I have been going through her lists and emailing when I can.  I go in spurts, I am aiming for ONE a day.  I know I am shooting for the stars, LOL.  You can see all the companies that I have contacted on the "An Email A Day" tab at the top of my blog.