Friday, May 6, 2011

My deals this week! 5/6

This was a $4 trip to Giant Eagle.  I was pretty excited to use my Lysol Facebook coupons and left over cleaner coupons!  Adds to my stockpile of cleaning supplies.  I have learned that I can obtain cleaning supplies from clorox or lysol  for .50 or under. (many times FREE for Lysol Brand)

These next to pictures are a $27 trip to Kroger.  I have learned that their Mega 10 events are really the time to shop! :) 
So for $27 I scored:
32 boxes/bags of pasta (free)
4 bags of chips (free)
4 boxes of Desitin
1 bag of Tias (full price, impulse buy :) )
2 Solo paper plate packages (for little guys 1st bday)
1 Philly Cream Cheese/ Shredded Mozz (one free)
1 Philly cooking creme
4 laughing cow wedges
2 almond milks
1 international creamer (free)
1 bottle of similac (free)
1 4-pk of Pedisure sidekicks
3 boxes of natural moms cereal (free)
3 boxes of uncle bens rice (free)
2 J&J shampoo/body wash
1 chocolate almond milk
4 rick cake bites
1 can of Lysol wipes
1 color wonders book with markers

I am sure I have forgotten something but I used all my coupons I had clipped from the Sunday paper and a few from the Internet!  I really didn't use any pair up websites this week.  I saw the Mega 10 event was going on so I headed on over to Kroger!  I did hit up GE specially for the Lysol products.

Happy Shopping and Saving!