Thursday, April 28, 2011

Presenting Miss Layla Bing! #cleverhaiti

So my second son's birthday is just around the corner.  I can't believe that he'll be one year old!  But it was about a year ago that I was really stressing about my pregnancy.  Each pregnancy has it ups and down and each mamma handles them differently.  My lovely friend Layla Bing was a bright shinning light during my last pregnancy.  Layla is a friend that I used to teach with a few years ago and we keep in touch via facebook, etc and I really don't get to see her much. (BOO! I need to change that) Layla was able to reach from her experiences as a mamma, including a pregnancy with triplets!  She was able to empower me and help me make it through my pregnancy.  Through her kind words I knew that I could handle much more than I ever thought!  Layla...I am not sure if you knew you helped me that much but you did!  I have been thinking about it alot lately; I can't believe its been a year!  Thank you my friend!

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