Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Food Dyes = Hyperactivity?

 My husband sent me this link today and I thought I'd pass it along for you to read.  There has always been talk about this subject, however it seems that the FDA is still not taking a stance on the matter.  They still need "more research".

The article begins....
(Health.com) -- Jell-O, Hawaiian Punch, Pop-Tarts, Skittles, and other brightly colored foods designed to appeal to children aren't exactly health food. But do they make kids hyperactive?
Doctors and consumer advocates have long wondered whether hyperactivity might be tied to certain dyes and additives used in processed foods, but in decades of research no studies have been able to conclusively prove -- or disprove -- such a link.  click here to see full article

Let's get thinking....what are your thoughts?