Monday, March 7, 2011

My Vegan Cookbook - some website love

My Vegan Cookbook is another great site that offers Healthy Vegan Recipes that are loaded with "whole foods"  No not the store but foods that are untouched and still stocked with nutrients!

You can visit My Vegan Cookbook at:

Creators Josh and his brother indicate that their "goal with My Vegan Cookbook dot com is to have a collection of recipes that are isolated soy free, whole foods heavy, 100% vegan, free of hydrogenated oils and most importantly, taste amazing."

On the websites "about me" page, Josh describes his journey of becoming a vegetarian!  I need to check out the China Study book that he speaks of! 
Josh writes: My twin brother and I became Lacto-Ovo vegetarian at the age of 12. It wasn’t until 2006, soon after reading The China Study by T. Colin Campbell that I began to make the transition to a strict vegetarian diet. In The China Study, Colin shows in scientifically tested detail why animal protein in any form causes cancer genes to express themselves. Besides cancer, a long list of other health problems like heart disease. After reading the book I knew I had to change my diet to a mainly plant based diet.
My father died of heart disease in his early 50s. At the time of reading The China Study I was 50 pounds overweight. My blood pressure was rising every year and was pre-hypertensive. I was certainly headed down the same path and fate as my father. But after a year of eating a strict vegetarian diet I dropped 50 pounds and have remained a stable weight (139 pounds) and my blood pressure is now that of a child’s (110/75). Not to toot my own horn but I now have the body of a 17 year old. When I was 17 I had the body of a 30 year old.
Another important discovery was about isolated soy protein. I had been consuming more and more prepackaged veggie burgers over the years, having no idea that it was sending my insulin-like growth factor 1 levels through the roof. I now try my best to eat as many whole foods as possible and stay away from prepackaged anything.
For me the transition was a year long process. As of writing this I have been a strict vegetarian for 4 years. I don’t miss eggs or cheese and have absolutely no desire to ever go back to the way I was. I have more energy and vitality than I ever have in my life.
I started this recipe blog for others like me who want delicious and healthy replacements for foods they were use to eating before they became strict vegetarians. This blog is for all vegans. I choose not to preach to others about why they should be vegan, be it animal rights, health or environment. I congratulate everyone who even attempts eating a healthier diet or wants to be more compassionate. Whatever has brought you to this journey I hope that you stick with it for your entire life. I welcome those who come to My Vegan Cookbook to incorporate vegan dishes into their diet, even if they aren’t strict vegetarians.
Very inspirational and also great recipes!