Thursday, February 17, 2011

Its a keeper coupon - Kroger - Suave

This is a good coupon I recently clipped from the 01-30-11 RP insert.  Its a good one to hang on to and its often in the Sunday papers.  Kroger often puts Suave deordorant on sale for .88 cents.  When the coupon doubles you get the product for free and some stores allow an overage!  This is a great coupon that I also bought several of on ebay so when the sale hits I can stock up on deordorant for my self and family for a long time!  I know it sounds silly but when it comes down to it, I will get 20 deordorants for under $3.  That is cheap and will last a long time! :)  If you don't want to hold your coupon, you can buy the product at full price for $1.24.  So after your coupon doubles the deordorant is only .24 cents.  Still a great deal! :)