Monday, February 14, 2011

Coupon Organization Part 3

Here is the current way I organize my coupons and I have found this way to work the best for me.  I took a binder that I already had on hand and filled it with baseball card sleeves.  Then I used sticky tabs to label each sheet.  I am sure somewhere there is a "master" list of tabs you should use but really you need to think of the categories that YOU buy :)  Some of my categories include:  cold, frozen, dairy, pizza, boxed items, cans, condiments, snacks, candy, baking, beverages, kid stuff, hair care, dental, lotion, soap (body), soap (hand), make up, cleaning supplies, laundry supplies, first aid, and household misc.  Some of my sections have more than 1 baseball card sleeve because I have a lot of coupons for that "category".  You do have to fold the coupons to get most to fit.  But I have found this is the easiest way to organize!  If you have a new coupon that you are adding to a compartment in the baseball sleeve, be sure to put the one that expires first...on top so you can keep them in order and keep them organized for an easy clean out of expired coupons!

I have also found another website that describes the coupon binder.  Visit Rachel's site and see her coupon binder, its a bit fancier than mine :)

Good luck and Happy Saving!  (and yes I take my binder everywhere I go )  :)