Monday, February 7, 2011

Coupon Organization Part 2

Here is the second way I tried to organize my coupons...using a good ole' fashioned coupon organizer.  I felt this would allow me to clip and use coupons that weren't listed as "bargins" in the blogs I read.  I felt that by using method number 1, I was missing out on coupons.  For example, say I use 7th generation wipes...and there was a coupon for it but it never went on sale so it was never listed in the blogs as a bargain....therefore I would end up not using it and it would expire.  This method allowed me use coupons from all sources including the itnernet, restaurants, catalinas, etc  I liked this method however I had way too many coupons to fit in the tiny organizer :)  LOL

Part 3 of Coupon Organization will be coming next week....its what I am currently using :)