Monday, February 28, 2011

Coffee Lover Buying Guides

Good Monday morning to everybody!  Well I am already on my second cup of coffee!  Boy, it was a long night with all that thunder and tornado sirens sounding off all night.  Phew!  Glad everything is in one piece this morning!  Back to my coffee...yumm!  So we all know that I love coffee and we all know that I love a good deal.  A good deal whether it involves convenience, price or both!  As a busy mom we certainly could use some of those good deals! 
So I stumbled upon a site called  So I checked out the coffee part first.  They have some really neat sections built into this website!  My favorite was the Gifts for Coffee Lovers section!  (My family take note!)  In this area they have everything a coffee lover would LOVE to have!  Items from coffee mugs, to fancy coffee presentation, coffee beans, K-cups (my favorite) and much much more for the coffee lover in your life.  Remember, that coffee lover could be YOU! :)  So once you find what you are looking for (such as coffee mugs) then you click on that subject and it brings up specific mugs and their prices.  You can use their nifty filter on the side to helper narrow your search by price, color, etc!  Another great section to check out is the Coffee Specialty Blends area.  You can find this buying guide under the food and beverage category!  I like that it not only shows you where to find special blends but also provides some education and background on the topic!  To provide even more education on the COFFEE subject, I found a section called "The Art Of Coffee".  This section talks about special beans, and roasts as well as coffee growing regions!  What a cool site!  If you are a coffee lover, check it out!
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