Monday, January 17, 2011

Weelicious ...some website love

I wanted to share a wonderful foodie website that I recently discovered, thanks to a facebook post from my college friend.  (Thanks Melissa)  The FB post caught my eye as it was discussing making baby food and I was just re-entering that world with infant Veg.  Who is 8 months old?  Where did that time go?  Anyways, back to my website love....let me formally introduce you to Weelicious!
I LOVE this site; it has everything!  I'll start with the baby food section since that is where I fell in love! The author of weelicious is a beautiful model who starting modeling/traveling the world at a young age.  She was exposed to many different types of good and began to become obsessed with learning more about the foods around her.  In her own words, this weelicious mama knew "that if she gave her kids McDonalds they'd love it, but if she gave them pesto chicken, that's what they'd crave."  And so began another cooking journey.  Weelicious mama shares lots of yummy food combinations that are age and nutrition appropriate for infants and toddlers alike.  There are food combinations that I never would have thought of but taste great and Baby Veg loves them.
I also enjoy the Vegan and Vegetarian sections on the Weelicious website.  She has some great kid and family recipes on there!  The recipes are sure to please any palette!  I also enjoy and refer to the feeding tab.  Within this tab you can find information on inspiring kids to eat, getting kids to try new foods, introducing new foods and a daily feeding plan. 
Please  check this awesome site out!  LOVE IT!