Monday, January 31, 2011

Coupon Organization Part 1

Here is the first way I organized my coupons.  On Sunday I would take out my coupon inserts and keep them all together (didn't clip any)  I labeled the inserts with the date.  I would keep them in a huge stack and in date order.  This allowed me to look for a specific coupon as many of the blogs list them.  For example, if there was a deal on Sauve shampoo and it was in the SS 9/12 insert I knew that I needed to look at the Source Smart insert from the weekend of September 12th.    This really worked well at the beginning as I was learning how to use the blogs, etc but then I realized that I was not using good coupons that I could have.  I was letting too many things expire...hence Coupon Organization Part 2 (coming next week)  LOL  :)