Friday, November 19, 2010

This Week's bargains...

Meijer: butter
Wags: dish soap
Kroger: deodorant

Items: .01-.50
Kroger: Batteries .48  (plus I got $3 off next shopping trip)
Wags: French Onions .36
Meijer: cinnamon rolls  .50
I can't believe its not butter  .25 each
Skipping Natural PB  .33 each

Items .51-$1

Kroger: Triscuits $1
Meijer: crescent rolls and cinnamon rolls  .85 each

Not too bad this week.  I earned $2 off next shopping trip at Meijer and $3 off at Kroger.  I also met another couponing mama who showed me an awesome homemade coupon I'll be working on that and will share when I finish :)

Happy shopping and saving!