Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Shutterfly for the Holidays

As Thanksgiving rolls near that means only one thing....Christmas is coming and its time to get my cards done! I have been a LONG time customer of Shutterfly and have done many Christmas cards from the Shutterfly website. Each year I try to pick a new type of design to wow my family and friends! I always like to use photos so our family and friends can see how the boys are growing (and they are growing likes weeds!) Shutterfly has so many options for picture cards. You can get flat or folded cards. I typically go with the flat version of the photo Christmas Card. I really like how the cards come out so BRIGHT and COLORFUL! Here are some of my cards from past years...

Not only do the cards turn out great, but I always get compliments on them! :) I also enjoy Shutterfly's shipping! They are different shipping options based upon your timing needs! Sometimes the holidays get pretty hectic and having options is great!
Here are some designs I am thinking about for this holiday season.

You can make your own shutterfly Christmas cards by clicking HERE.

I have also used the create your own card in the stationary area to make a Fathers Day card. I made that awesome card this year to help celebrate my husbands “first fathers day” as a father of two. I was able to put pictures of him and both boys on the card, what a cool keepsake! I think I might have sparked a tear when he opened it! Of course, he'll never admit it!
I have yet to try the canvas wall art, but I plan too. I love pictures and everything pictures! Shutterfly offers canvas wall art in many sizes. Sizes as small as 12X12 and up to 24X36. I can't want to turn one of my photos into wall art! I have some cool pictures from my Alaska trip, I'd like to remember and cherish such as these:
Shutterfly has endless options of what to do with your favorite pictures!  So upload those awesome pictures and get working on your holiday cards today!
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