Friday, November 5, 2010

Coffee, anyone?

Okay so I have to August I turned 31 and I thought it was about time I got a great coffee maker. My lovely husband purchased a Keurig for me, its pictured below.
I cannot go anywhere without this thing, I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT. So of course to make it as good as gold you have to have good coffee. I have looked around at many places for coffee and found that has a great selection. This website has everything a coffee lover needs. As I was looking around I found a section on creamers. If you are a frequent reader you can see from my pictures that I LOVE my creamer, especially in fun flavors. On this wholesale website I can buy creamer in small individual cups to large pump liters!
One of the neat features on the website I liked was the K-cup section, of course since I LOVE my Keurig. :) On this website you can learn how to save up to .45 cents on each K-cup by doing it yourself. You can use the K-cap to save you money. This little gadget allows you to use your own ground coffee and to it into a K-cup to use in your machine! By joining the coffee club you can get regular K-Cups for just over .50 a piece. They even had a pumpkin spice flavor, YUM!
For those readers with machines that use Coffee Pods, this website has lots to offer you! They have pods and machines for sale (if you need to upgrade your machine) OR is you are looking into purchasing a machine, this could be your place. With a variety pack purchase of 44.95 you get a free pod coffee machine! Talk about a great deal!
If you are the coffee purchaser for your office this site will help you set up a coffee delivery program. This way Office Coffee will be sent to you on a schedule and your office will never run out! also offers Gift Baskets! How cool, hope my family takes note! :) I thought the K-cup baskets were neat. One basket was filled with K-cup tea and coffee cake and the other had K-cups with cinnamon cake. YUM!

If you love coffee, check out this lovers UNITE :)

So what's in your cup this morning?  I have Hazelnut and Pumpkin Spice creamer!  YUM