Tuesday, September 21, 2010


This awesome information is brought to you by our friends at TutorVista. TutorVista is an online tutoring services that offers a variety of ways to help your children. I feel pretty qualified to talk to you about this as I am a former online educator, now SAHM. :) TutorVista is so popular that they have completed over 5 million online tutoring sessions! Before I talk specifics, I do want to make a point about how important math is! Math is a life essential skill! We use math many ways in our everyday life, no matter what our occupation. Math, however is a building block skill. You must have a strong foundational base to be able to grow and learn math. If your child is missing a few of the building block skills, math might be difficult for them. TutorVista provides services to help your kiddos gain those skills, whether they are "new" to them skills or they are recouping skills they might have not gotten the first time around or skills they have forgotten.
The sessions are easy and convenient! All sessions take place at your own computer; the tutor/student use chat, email or instant messaging, which has found to really capture the attention of 21st century learning students! (The kiddos of today!)
TutorVista focuses on many areas but I'd like to talk about a select few; all of the areas I will discuss are crucial for building a strong base of math skills. Algebra 2, phew remember that one? That is one I will surely need help in assisting my kiddos as they get bigger :) TutorVista offers not only tutoring services but assistance with homework and test help!
4th grade is yet another critical year in the lives of our students. Many concepts needs to be mastered in 4th grade to be able to have a strong foundation to move onto higher level math skills. TutorVista can help 4th grade students with topics such as fractions (always a kid favorite one!), mastering addition/subtraction, all multiplication and division facts as well as decimals.
As a former online educator AND math teacher I know how important fractions are and I KNOW how difficult they can be. They are usually NOT a favorite among students :) TutorVista offers services specifically for fractions. You can learn more about "adding fractions" HERE.
TutorVista also offers tutoring in the area of 5th grade math. 5th grade math has many important topics such as fractions, place value, and word problems to name a few. Alot of new concepts are introduced in the 5th grade, so if your student needs a little boost to get ahead or to help understand this is the place to do it!
Oh Geometry, what fun you can be, but also how tricky it can be too! Tutorvista offers some great graphics and practice which will help your student become skilled in geometry, especially with formula for volume.
the last topics I thought I'd mention is graphing of linear equations in one variable....phew that was a mouth full. But that is what our kids are working on and it can be difficult. Click HERE to see examples that can help your kiddos in this area!
TutorVista is also on facebook, so if your student is interested in learning more they can "LIKE" them on facebook and will be added to their "fan" list! TutorVista not only offers tutoring services in K-12, they help with College and Business English! Check it out!  The neat thing behind online tutoring is that it is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week, so there is NO excuse!  :)  TutorVista offers packages such as unlimited tutoring for a month for as low as $99, and they have many other smaller and larger packages as well.  So check out the leader of online tutoring today!