Sunday, November 1, 2009

Ruffoni Cookware

I stumbled upon this neat seat with lots of Copper cooking items! The ruffoni cookware is just simply beautiful! I found a really pretty ruffoni copper fondue pot. Oh yum, I can just taste it now! YUM YUM! I liked how the site was laid out with copper cookware, it had it laid out by size and also by price point. Definitely when dealing with copper cookware the prices can get high quick, however with the refined search you were able to keep a fine handle on that.

I noticed on the website that you can get free shipping on any ruffoni product, which is excellent. That is nice, might do some Christmas shopping! This site has some beautiful cookware and I found some beautiful molds. Definitely something this cook will be dreaming about for a while! Click away and take a look, you'll be dreaming too! Happy shopping and cooking.