Friday, September 4, 2009

As fall begins, I must share that Mr. VegMamma is pretty excited about Direct TV. They are currently running a HUGE special. If you get the NFL Sunday ticket which is listed for 59.99 for 5 months you get 5 months free of their premier channels. Which is pretty cool as it includes 31 premium channels. That is 7 channels of HBO, which makes Veg mamma happy! I love their series!
DirectTV has lots to offer. I LOVE the DVR. It helps with a little one, especially because when do we really ever get the time to sit down and watch a whole show from start to finish. The DVR changes that, you can pause and record to watch later! I can't live without it! lays out all their specials and options. It talks about DVR and talks in depth about HD and NFL packages. You can get all the information there you need~ Check it out! :)