Monday, July 20, 2009

Wall Calendar

Each week as I eat my Sunday morning muffin at whole foods I admire their giant calendar on the wall. So I decided to Google those when I got home. I found this website: On their site they sell all kinds of cool calendars that businesses can purchase and ones for homes too. They have some very cool vinyl wall calendars that will stick directly to the surface of your choice.

As I flipped through the sites ( I found they had some really neat small calendars that could be easily adapted into your home and into family life. I recently started working with my 2 year old on a calendar so he can see what is coming up on the calendar (places we are going, etc) and he loves to cross off days. They had some really friendly kid designs like snake, dog, bunny, etc. The smallest version you can get is 24 X 18. You can get an unmounted snake calendar for $32.00. I think that is pretty reasonable considering you can use it year after year! You could even use it to plan your weekly menu and snacks! Check out their site!