Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A new Enclume Potrack, anyone? :)

I have always wanted to have a beautiful kitchen with a beautiful pot display! I just love the displays that hang from the ceiling. As we look at possibly adding one to our kitchen I found a great website. On this awesome site you can find a great selection of Enclume potracks The really neat thing about Enclume potracks is that they have a hanging arm that supports the main rim rather than a lightweight chain hooked through a thin rim. The Enclume potracks are SO sturdy!

HERE is a direct link to the one I have been eyeing! It is a larger purchase, but what I am holding on to is that they are meant to last a lifetime! I like that they are available in hammered steel, stainless steel, cooper, chrome or brass plated! You have so many options!

HERE is another one I was looking at but its a stand, it actually doesn't hang from the ceiling. I thought it would be perfect for those who wanted an island but didn't have the room or didn't want to remodel to have one. You could keep out in the open or push into your pantry until you are ready to use!